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                Unique umbrella design & customisation

                Umbrella design, packaging, labelling and branding

                Umbrella Design Options printed vented umbrellas

                Custom umbrella design is what we specialise in. We offer a number of design options for your branded promotional umbrella. These include: Printing on the canopy, Interior Canopy Printing, Piping and Rib Tape, Customised Handles and Frames, Engraving on the handle, carry bag or case to mention a few!

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                Umbrella design and print options

                Umbrella design and print styles

                Our custom promotional umbrellas use a variety of printing methods for your brand or design.

                Design options

                Umbrella frame?you can select the type and colour of your promotional umbrella handle dependent on the kind of activity you will use it for. Print options?your brand guidelines can be matched on the canopy of your umbrella, handle or sleeve. Branding options?most umbrellas have 8 panels but this can vary, a double canopy allows your message to be displayed inside and out. Other detail?perimeter or rib tape, a printed tie wrap or sleeve and handle are finer details to create a bespoke, premium promotional umbrella.

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                • MM slash DD slash YYYY
                • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, psd, tif, eps, Max. file size: 1 GB.
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